Heart Sounds ? Are they in your arsenal ?

Heart Sounds ? Are they in your arsenal ?

Ready to up your cardiac assessment game?

Time to pick up the stethoscope and listen to the ticker!


Heart sounds are from my experience, not a daily nursing task. Should they be? We think so.


By listening to the heart we can obtain a lot of extra information, to fill our patient assessment.

The best place to start is – Can you hear a sound or not? If you listen to 100 “normal” heart sounds – Lub Dub, Lub Dub - when you listen and you cannot really hear anything at all (muffled heart sounds), Your patient could have a a pericardial Effusion (+/- Tamponde). One of the Four H’s and Four T’s from ALS!! This is a Critical finding. All it takes is 1 minute to listen 😉 Probably a great place to start. The reason is that the sound becomes muffled due to the pericardium being filled with water/blood and hence the vibrational waves of the sound do not travel through the chest wall to your little ears and the sound is reduced and muffled in nature!

Hot Heart Sounds Tip = Is there clear sound – “Lub Dub” or is it muffled and quiet?

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