Introducing Change

Introducing Change

The truth is stranger than fiction and it is absolutely impossible to predict the future. I could not have imagined how this company would evolve and expand during 2019 and I am so thankful for every bodies help and support. 

2020 is a new challenge. The problems are the same.

# How to deliver quality education

# How to provide a cost effective training solution

# How to increase nurses ability to access innovation

I think I have a solution. 

I have worked as a nurse for 12 years. I have been to 2 wars. I have worked on every continent except Antarctica. I know how hard nurses work.

This year I will attempt to start an education solution that allows you to learn where you want, when you want and you will get the chance to do all of this in another reality. I have seen how VR and AR is impacting education and training and I want to bring it to your house and your work. 2020 is the year we will give you the chance. 

Does the education you currently receive meet your expectations? 

If you wanted more, what would it be ? 


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