Welcome to Bundle of Rays

Welcome to Bundle of Rays

I, Brad Chesham am the Founder / Director of Bundle of Rays. I am a nurse. Just like other nurses, I am passionate about what I do and how it gets done. I trained in Sydney, Australia ventured across the globe and settled in London, UK. During this time I was lucky enough to gain experience in varying roles in Africa, Mexico, Norway and even Afghanistan and Mosul, Iraq. The most amazing part of this adventure, as like many journeys was the people. They were inspiring, they were skilled, they took risks and they did everything they could to help those around them. This is the birth of the ideology of Bundle of Rays. 
After the fiscal crash of the Global Financial Crisis across the UK, nursing was tough. Short staffed, heavy work load with what felt like increasingly complex patients. I noticed training for general nurses being harder to access and a shift by organisations to a simple focus on mandatory training or re-phrased "compliance" rather than highlighting core skills training - "competence". So, I started a blog called Bundle of Rays. This was a basic ECG and Chest Xray analysis Blog that facilitated discussion on key concepts of these diagnostic skills. This then opened the door to this ongoing ideology of improving nursing clinical skills but presented the problem of how to achieve this. 
In the background the world has seen the new Pokemon game with the advent and integration of Augmented reality hitting the public domain. Virtual Reality with Facebook owned Oculus Rift has been expanding and entertaining and healthcare based technology such as Isimulate becoming increasingly clever and accessible to providers. I scoured the market and gathered a great bunch of ideas and combined them. I consulted with experts and I built the framework and now we are ready to deliver it !! Bundle of Rays is not just another education company. We want to help. We want to make a difference and we want to do it, by giving you quality. 
Virtual Reality to teach anatomy
Clinical simulation to link imaging to physical assessment 
Alongside solid teaching concepts for core skills training of chest xray analysis
We are excited about our journey and hope you are too...
Bundle of Rays


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