What a ride..

What a ride..

Wow, This is turning into a crazy adventure. We are so proud and thankful for what we have thus far achieved and excited for what the near future holds!

So far, we have already taught >15 courses to >100 attendee's and have more courses booked and projected into 2019. We have established the business as a distributor and point of sale for computing, virtual and augmented reality hardware and software solutions allowing us to deliver a unique health based immersive technology consultancy service. 

We have just completed Australia's 1st Health-based Start-up Accelerator program. Huge thanks to Mark Paddenburg, Innovation Centre CEO at USC and Tamara Mills and Jennifer Patel from Quantum Innovation management fund. Without thier guidance, advice and mentorship, the hustle as an Entrepreneur would be a much steeper uphill battle without this experience. We met the Federal Minister of Science and innovation, Karen Andrews and consistently, we were exposed to various leaders and inspiring figures from Health, Finance and Law services to help grow and nurture our business. 

We have been lucky enough to align with the Australian College of Nurse Practioners (ACNP) by having a presence at thier QLD symposium in March and in the next few months we will also be present at:

# 8th International Clinical Skills Conference in Tuscany, Italy presenting a 1.5hr workshop to International leading educators - May 2019

# ACCCN - Australian College of Critical Care Nurses National Conference - ICE, Cairns, QLD 1.5hr workshop to Australias Intensive care nurses - June 2019

#ACNP - Australian College of Nurse Practioners National Congress - September 2019

Most amazingly, we have recently been awarded the HAYDEN VANGAURD LECTURESHIP AWARD by The International Nursing Association Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACLS) for Excellence and Innovation. Attributed to this we are invited to be a plenary speaker at their annual Congress in Phoenix, Arizona! Such an amazing level of professional recognition and we are humbled. 


What next ? Cannot wait to find out.. 




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