What do we know..

What do we know..

What do we know..

Kurt Cobain called it a dream machine device and envisioned a utopia. A place we can escape to, a place to be.

Virtual reality is far from that at the moment. BUT, what is VR and how it is impacting our lives. If you work in Healthcare, it is highly unlikely that VR has impacted on your day to day work at all. VR is integrating slowly that is a well-known fact. In aviation is has been integral and core to their training for years.

Spatial computing is already in your life. Turn on google maps and go for a walk. You can activate AR - Augmented Reality inside maps and immediately, digital information is placed in the real world. Mind blowing with an incredible opportunity to deliver a vast array of business verticals across all industry. In healthcare, it is being used to overlay anatomy and provide surgical preparations, anatomical education and presentation of imaging. Remember, this is the beginning.

Virtual reality lets you deep dive into a new world. Just like Kurt Cobain talked about years ago, you have the possibility to step away, to step into a different reality. How the future will look and how long we spend looking at through our own eyes is anyone’s guess.

The facts are Virtual Reality will impact you at work and you will be getting the chance to step away, to step into another reality. The questions we need to decide, is how and when..


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  • tod adams

    Hi Brad

    I work with Howard Dawson

    would love to have a chat about virtual meetings and what VR can do for teams scattered across large areas and ability to share information, space, time documents.

    would love to chat.


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