Bespoke Bundles

What's a bespoke bundle?

We know there are amazing nurses spread all over this huge country of ours, so we've designed our course to be truly portable. If you can't find a course at a location or date that suits you and you have six or more colleagues who'd also like to attend, we can organise a bespoke course just for you!
The best part, if you organise a bespoke course for yourself plus six or more colleagues we'll give you (the organiser) 50% off your course fee! Organise one for yourself plus ten or more colleagues and we'll give you your course FREE. 


The finer details

We'll endeavour to get to you no matter where you are in Australia, however there may be some locations that incur a class surcharge due to accessibility.  
Our bespoke offer is for one organiser per bespoke course to receive 50% off the cost of their course if they organise for themselves and six colleagues (7 people in total) to attend a course. If ten colleagues plus the organiser (11 in total) book onto the course, the organiser will receive their course for free. The discount will be applied via a refund to the organiser once the course has been booked by all attendees. 

Let's do this!

If you'd like to organise a bespoke course, contact Brad, or on 0432504487