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Throughout my career I have worked across every continent bar Antarctica (which, is 100% on the list) and throughout these experiences, I have come into contact with the most inspiring people. People who work harder, longer, with little to no resources and do it all with a smile. They gave me life lessons and nursing experiences that are just impossible to obtain in Australia or the UK.    

It then became my mission to find a way to be able to give back to these people. 
If I have the opportunity through Bundle of Rays to teach, collaborate and or return a piece of the inspiration these people gave me, it would be my honour.  In fact, I am making it a principle goal for the business. Bundle of Rays will provide free training to medical teams in underdeveloped countries with the aim to improve local nursing skills and training. 
We're still working on how many trips we will do each year, but if you would like to find out more or even be involved with our charitable endeavours, feel free to get in contact  or chat to us in person at your course. 

Brad Chesham,
Founder/Director Bundle of Rays

 Bundle of Rays charity work   Bundle of Rays charity work   Bundle of Rays charity work