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  • Clinical education based around simulation - physiology and physical assessment
  • Pay monthly or annual
  • Participate via your phone, a tablet, PC or VR HEADSET!

Drive better outcomes for your Nursing education through improved engagement and immersive delivery. Dont just watch, get inside it

Why pay and sign up with us?

  • Bundle of Rays was the winner of the Hayden Vangaurd Lectureship award 2019 innovation and excellence through INACSL. INACSL is a world leading body for nursing education and simulation teaching.
  • Solid 5 star ratings in feedback and reviews
  • We are the only GLOBAL provider of immersive technologies for nursing education across a variety of use cases.

Healthcare Individuals


A Bundle of Rays teaching program suitable for remote learning including ECG analysis and respiratory assessments along with various nursing skills 


VR Headset

VR Anatomy - 3DOrganon

VR Education - ENGAGE

Immersive lectures and Nursing Curricula

# Electrophysiology/Telemetry

# Vascular access

# Physical assessment

# Resuscitation skills

Price = AUD$3000/3years

= $83/month

What will you study?

Focused immersion with Simulations

#trauma / Catheterisation

Pre-recorded seminars

# Physiology / Physical assessment

"Live" Seminars based in Virtual Reality

# Case studies - Chest pain


#Industry leaders / Clinical champions

The platform is always available to you via your phone, tablet, PC or VR headset.


Meet our Founder and Director

Brad Chesham 

He is a nurse just like you...

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