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Recorded seminar's





Nurses pushing the limits of what is possible, to help nurses 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️ 

In modern education, we understand that one App can hold more information than every nursing textbook ever printed. 

How do we then sift through SO MUCH INFORMATION?

We have had an idea... 🐣

Lets use another reality.. Virtual Reality!

Our platform will deliver quality useful weekly content through 52 "episodes"/annum delivered straight to your email. 

The education you receive will include: 

🧐 Video tutorials

🤯 Podcasting

🤖 "LIVE" VR conferencing of Case studies

👀 Site visits to leading training organisations and clinical centre's of excellence

Nursing education via your phone, your tablet, PC, ipod or even your VR headset, that delivers clinical learning to top up your knowledge base but does not empty your pocket.

If you enjoy something new and if you enjoy questioning everything...

This platform is for you!

We can provide teachings on topics of interest, we can support curriculum, we can provide solutions, for your problems.