Immersive Learning

Through virtual experiences

Reignite the passion for health learning with tools that engage and inspire medical professionals.

How it works.

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Contextual Learning

Learning that takes place in a context similar to the context in which it will be applied in the real world. Bundle of Rays was built by Brad, a real world nurse with global experience. Immersive lectures and Nursing Curricula. Clinical education based around simulation – physiology and physical assessment.

Remote Capabilities

Forget the classroom and focus on the experience with the power to learn from anywhere. The remote learning opportunities are endless with bundles of rays being able to be utilised in remote communities, and areas where traditional classroom based education is not an option.

Active Autonomy

Bundle of Rays allows users to learn at their own pace and dictate the flow of their learning. Throughout all modules the user has full control of environments and explorations within the virtual classroom.

Focused Immersion

Bundle of Rays allows users to step out of reality and fully immerse themselves in what they are studying. With the headset on, there are no distractions enabling quicker learning and a greater understanding.

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