Queensland Health VR Project – 3year program

25 Headsets within 12 Hospitals/Care facilities in SouthWestern Queensland. Each nurse collaborating and learning through this project could be physically in the same room or >500kms apart. The true power of VR.

VIRTUAL TRAINING FOR THE SOUTH WEST TAKES OFF! The introduction of Virtual Reality (VR) training will be a game-changer for South West HHS staff, just as it is proving to be on the national and international stage.

One VR solution currently being introduced is an integrated program to support interprofessional learning. “The South West HHS Learning and Development Team are committed to ongoing innovation in how employees best receive innovative training that minimises costs and maximises outcomes in the learning and work environment,” said Nursing Director, queensland, Leanne Raatz.

VR integration and immersive learning solutions will help provide quality and accessible learning and development for all staff, providing a remote solution that brings us together. Our goal is to enhance learners experience by connecting both across the South West – and beyond – whilst making the mindful move to truly partner with our employees in the spirit of living our core values of Quality, Compassion, Accountability, Engagement and Adaptability”.

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