About Bundle of Rays


Bundle of Rays was established by Bradley Chesham. The concept of
training healthcare professionals came from working as a front-line nurse in
busy hospitals in Australia and the UK, plus serving in Afghanistan and Iraq
as a battlefield nurse which really highlighted the necessity for easy to
understand solutions.

The motivation for developing Bundle of Rays was to empower health
professionals to be better skilled and qualified to promote timely, informed
decisions about patient care.

The Bundle of Rays platform immerses health professionals into an
education experience through the implementation of VR and AR.
The business model initially focused on delivering face to face healthcare
training and this evolved through the combination of a nursing background
and experience of VR with a vision to create a readily scalable learning
platform that can be used to improve both training and patient care.

The Bundle of Rays model has evolved as a global education platform
which provides an engaging, interactive approachable service to Health
organisations and training providers to discuss, educate and implement VR
broadly within the industry.