VR for Nursing

For the uninitiated, the world of virtual reality (VR) is probably filed away under “tech for online gaming and maybe socialising.” But, VR has much more to offer. Those in research & design roles, manufacturing, tech or education have found VR to be an integral and flexible tool. Applying VR to the nursing and healthcare framework to supercharge learning for nurses is at the core of what we do at Bundle Of Rays. Here’s why.

VR in nursing helps to develop personal, soft and hard skills. 

VR application in nursing education allows nurses to put theory into practice. Patient safety is absolutely indispensable in nursing education, and being able to practise outside of clinical settings can offer a myriad of benefits. The “First, do no harm” mantra of nurses is much more easily adhered to in VR. 

VR offers the perfect avenue to ensure that training can still be completed without ever putting a patient at risk. Virtual reality simulations show nursing students what it is like to be in a real-world clinical setting and what problems and risks they may encounter there, and thus, helps them develop skills, build confidence, and prepare for clinical practice. 

At BOR we seek to train future nurses in a balanced fashion that develops personal, soft and hard skills. Our methods accomplish this in a secure and encouraging learning environment, concentrating on rapid feedback and the chance to repeat the scenarios and get better over time. With the help of VR simulation, we can effectively apply theory to practise, enabling students to advance in their academic careers.

Benefits of VR in Nursing 

VR effectively improves knowledge retention in nursing education. Providing ample opportunity for students to apply practical skills as well as reflect on areas of improvement.  

Virtual Reality in nursing is highly interactive and engaging, as it allows students to apply skills through the immersive experience compounded by the emotional nature of VR. We curate worlds that are contextual and compelling so earners become emotionally invested and incredibly present in the situations. 

VR in Nursing is also replicable time and time again which allows students to learn the correct steps through psychomotor skills – the relationship between cognitive functions and physical movement. Best of all Bundle Of Rays provides engaging and immersive simulations that take students into new realms. Be that the heart or brain or lungs providing not just a ‘learn by rote’ but also a deep and thorough understanding, answering in some part the ultimate question ‘Why?’. 

Bundle of Ray’s VR packages or bundles are fun and interactive providing a whole new level of learning and imparting a much deeper understanding – we’re proud of them and encourage you to scroll through and see what you think – here

Are you ready?

Virtual reality simulations in the education sector have the potential to boost students’ concentration, engagement, confidence, motivation and creativity. Students participating in VR simulations are more likely to become comfortable, confident, and successful in real clinical settings because they learn in an applied format. They can also practise dangerous, costly, and complex skills that they are less likely to encounter in real clinics, in a more cost-effective and efficient manner. 

Simulation and digital learning methods are emerging rapidly in nursing education. It’s becoming clear that education providers should start to consider and adopt the use of innovative approaches to further enhance their programme delivery – At Bundle Of Rays we help Universities, Schools and Institutions across the globe do just that!

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